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Injection Mixing    Instructions
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Order HCG Here 3 options:

for those who prefer medical supervision



for those preferring to do it yourself sublingually w/o needles



for those preferring to do it yourself & save even more $$$


No Prescription

& Legal!



FAQ (How Much to Order, Overseas, Sublingual hCG, How to Buy Mixing Kits, Blood Tests)


Order from one of the links below & let me know about it here & get a free HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook SAMPLER!

We suggest VISA CREDIT Card payment for fastest product delivery. Master Card is often denied by the servicing bank due to internal policies. Debit cards are often denied because of bank policies preventing International Transactions. If you experience this issue, please contact your bank and ask them to allow an International Transaction on your debit card or use a different card. There is a short medical question form to complete when ordering. Please note that birthdate on the form must be entered in non-USA format as DAY/MONTH/YEAR.

Note: You may receive the new liquid form of hCG. 

It is not 2 separate containers of hCG powder and liquid.  It is already mixed with the liquid. 
No worries!  It is exactly the same hCG, only pre-hydrated.  You will still want to add this to either Bacteriostatic Water, for Injection Dosing, or to Sheepra Silver + S/L B12 for Sublingual Dosing.  Simply be sure to subtract the volume of the liquid (1 ml) from the total volume you want mixed. 

For Free Virtual Mixing Calculators by email, go to:


Excel Mixing Calculator

Also, many folks have expressed concern about potency.  I have been informed that the unopened bottles have a two-year shelf life & that refrigeration is unnecessary,
but certainly OK. I recommend keeping the unopened bottles in the
fridge. Once a bottle is opened, meaning the rubber seal has been pierced, then the
potency is guaranteed for 30 to 35 days.


10,000 IU Ovidac brand hCG


(30 days S/L, 80 days Inject)



5,000 IU HUCOG brand hCG


(15 days S/L, 40 days Inject)



2000 IU HUCOG brand hCG


(6 days S/L, 16 days Inject)


For 10000IU High Purity brand*


For 5000IU High Purity brand*


For 2000IU High Purity brand*


*These will arrive in all glass ampoules. I strongly recommend that you purchase an ampoule opener and filter needles for your safety, available HERE & HERE

Order hCG Mixing Kits

(Sublingual or Injection)


Order Beautiful, Long Lashes to go with your new, slim body! 

Just like Latisse, but Wayyy less costly! 

 more info here

Buy at the same time you order your hCG to save on shipping!


B12 Injections (Cyanocobalamin)

Vitamin B12 is essential for nervous system functioning and creates a significant energy boost for the body. Those who take it feel like moving around more and tend to burn more calories through increased movement. Consider a B12 injection to boost your energy levels and burn more calories.

Buy at the same time you order your hCG to save on shipping!

1 ml dose of 1000 mcg/ml  once/week assists in weight reduction.  Each ampoule is one dose.

NOTE: These will arrive in all glass ampoules. I strongly recommend that you purchase an ampoule opener and filter needles for your safety, available HERE & HERE

NOTE: You may want to simply mix 4 vials of B12 Injectable with 3.57 ml of Bacteriostatic Water for one round. Daily dose with this recipe would be .3 ml for 175 IU/day using a 5000 IU vial of powdered hCG.




"How Much to Order?"



Depends on

  • # Rounds Required (figure approx. 10-30 lbs released per round)

  • If you will do Sublingual or Injection (which is half amount for sublingual)

  • Optimal is two 5000 IU vials for one round Sublingual (~ 30 days)

  • Optimal is one 5000 IU vial for one round Injection (~ 30 days)

NOTE: It is best to order all the hCG you think you may need at once since the shipping is approximately $20-$30 from both sources regardless of the quantity purchased.



"Is this Homeopathic or REAL hCG?"



I want to take this opportunity to alert you to the increased attention on homeopathic hCG of late.  I have investigated this tantalizing concept, but, unfortunately, it just doesn't   seem to pan out.  You see, the primary law of homeopathy is to use substances that would cause the symptoms one is experiencing in a healthy person, but will alleviate those same symptoms when given in a homeopathic dilution.  For example, if my symptoms produce an effect on me similar to a tarantula's bite, then tarantula venom would be my homeopathic treatment, even though I've not actually been bitten by a tarantula.
hCG is a hormone, similar to estrogen & progesterone. No one would think homeopathic birth control pills a feasible alternative!  We know that the body requires a given quantity of molecular hormone to produce a given effect.
In addition, the measurement of success of hCG is not weight reduction, which
studies have shown that a VLCD without hCG results in similar rates as those using hCG, though I have yet to see consistent results from homeopathic hCG comparable to actual hCG.
The proven advantage of hCG is the body being prevented from consuming it's own protein & structural fat during VLCD, meaning the metabolism stays intact. This
does not happen when one loses weight on a VLCD without hCG. Given the evidence, this is the touchstone of whether any other type of hCG administration is successful.
So please be wary of the promotion of homeopathic hCG.  As tempting as the prices and simplicity may be, there is no real evidence that it will give you the same results as pharmaceutical grade hCG and I do not recommend it, especially since the most likely consequence will be to further skew the hypothalamus!




"How can I be sure substances purchased from overseas are legitimate & don't contain
mercury or anything harmful?"

  • I have been researching both of these sources intensively and for personal use for quite some time now and have never heard of any customer complaints that were not resolved to the client's satisfaction, and the complaints have been very few.  I continue to monitor the forums and my own clients and these 2 services are consistently reliable and safe. 

  • The majority of firms selling drugs to other countries are the same firms selling these drugs in the USA. Generally, they may call the drug another brand name, but they are the same drug generically.

  • These services will not do business with a pharmacy that does anything to harm their reputation as they have worked hard to build a good one.

  • I also have a reputation I have striven to build and I sincerely do want to help folks out there to be able to access this answer to prayer in the form of the hCG Protocol.

Ultimately it is up to you. I recommend that you pray about it and then proceed as you feel led.


"What kind of hCG do I need for Sublingual Dosing?"


The hCG used for Sublingual Dosing is exactly the same hCG that is used for Injection Dosing, so you will purchase the same hCG, only nearly twice as much due to the lower assimilation sublingually, which requires the use of higher concentration doses.  Results are the same, and better for some people.



"How do I know if I will get my hCG in:

  • an all glass ampoule or
  • a rubber stoppered vial?"

All glass ampoule of hCG come in the following brands:

Organon, Lupi, Fertigyn, Ovanal HP, Ovutrig HP


Vials with rubber seal of hCG come in the following brands:

HUCOG, UNI, Corion, Ovidac



"Should I get any Blood Tests before I start?"

That is a really great idea!  You see, it will give you an opportunity to compare your current health with what you achieve after you have completed the Protocol.  Many folks are astonished at the improvements in numerous areas!  I personally had thyroid testing, blood sugar, Vitamin D3, adrenals, and more.  And it is super easy and inexpensive to set it up yourself without even having to pay your doctor for a consultation!  Check out the discount that is going at these labs in the banner below! Personalabs 5% discount PCJ09


"What do I look for when shopping for an HCG Mixing Kit?"


There are eight important things to look for when choosing where to buy your Mixing Kit:

  1. First and foremost: Do not buy Homeopathic HCG!  Homeopathy is a great and legitimate alternative therapy for many things, but it simply doesn't apply to hormonal issues, including hCG.  Yes, it is cheaper and easier, but it will do more damage than good.  See more detailed info HERE.
  2. Mixing vials should be amber, not clear.  You will have to cover a clear vial with aluminum foil, otherwise, which is going to make it harder to handle, especially after you get close to the last of your mix.  But because the mix is very light sensitive, and will lose potency if exposed to excessive light, you really need the amber vials.
  3. The dosing syringes for injections should be at least 28 gauge.  Anything lower is going to be much less comfortable when pushed into the skin.
  4. Mixing vial should have a sealed, rubber stopper lid, not a screw top, even for Sublingual Dosing.  If you access the mix by opening the lid for removing each dose, you are exposing to air far too frequently and this will degrade the potency much more rapidly.  It is also much simpler to remove using a needle through the rubber stopper and invert to fill syringe than to try to draw liquid up otherwise.
  5. If you purchase your hCG in an all glass ampoule, the kit should contain an ampoule opener and filter needles for added safety, or you should purchase these items in addition to the kit.  Without the ampoule opener you run the very common risk of cutting yourself when breaking the ampoule, and without the filter needles you may easily draw up glass powder into your mixture.
  6. Colloidal Silver for Sublingual Kits should be produced without use of salt and should not be over 20 ppm.  Using salt and having higher concentrations can result in a product that contains silver proteins or other undesirable and potentially unsafe byproducts.
  7. The size of the Mixing Vials should be at least 10 ml for Injection Mixing and 10 ml for Sublingual Mixing.
  8. The Kit should come with detailed mixing instructions.

    Order Mixing Kits

    (Sublingual or Injection)





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